Brass is Back, Why Many Homeowners and Designers are Loving the Revival

brass knockerNot all that glitters is gold.

It’s true—these days, what glitters is more likely to be brass. This trend is back, and after years of stainless steel and chrome dominating as the must-have metals in homes, brass is suddenly number one.

It’s not very usual to see interior design trends coming back, and this one is not even on top of the list a few years ago. No one knows why, but more homeowners and designers are simply swinging toward its softer and warmer shades.

Previously Considered Old-Fashioned

Homeowners and designers previously considered brass rather old-fashioned. After all, antiques and family heirlooms from the 70s are made of brass. If you come to think of it, however, this metal delivers an extraordinary look and a timeless charm in homes.

It’s nice to add a few pieces of brass antiques and fixtures in your decor, but you need to do it well. Working with a brass fabricator is a great starting point if you want to incorporate this metal into your design without looking too old-fashioned.

The Beauty of Brass

It might take a little bravery on your part to commit to brass, especially on more permanent parts of the home like the balustrade, cladding, and door hardware—but the result is classic and beautiful.

Perhaps the most popular aspect of brass is the beauty of the metal. It is golden coloured, and very shiny and glossy when polished. This golden colour even fits any kind of home, whether modern or traditional.

The patina of this metal even gets better with time.

Different Applications in the Home

Today’s brass items like chandeliers, chairs, tables, and balustrade looks like it will never go out of fashion. Be it the bathroom fittings, the curved table in the bedroom, or the spiral staircase and balustrade made of brass, this metal looks fantastic. It even looks great as pop-up finishes in the kitchen, especially against the big slabs of marble.

For brass decor with a modern twist, simply add a contemporary brass mirror or some abstract art framed in brass. This creates a fresh, not-your-grandmother’s-old-chandelier feel in the home.

With so many homeowners and designers eyeing the 70s vibe, it’s inevitable that brass will show up more in both interior and exterior design. Brass is the metal of the moment; it will still probably be tomorrow.