More than Brooms and Mops: How to Properly Clean Entrance Mats

rugged floor matOther than a beautifully decorated lobby and contemporary fixtures, nothing makes a more powerful impression on customers than an exquisite, clean, dry and safe floor. This is why entrance mats are necessary. They keep the store clean by keeping dirt and other debris away, and keep people safe by preventing slips and trips as they control moisture build-up. Plus, they maintain the top condition of floors.

Over time, however, entrance mats gather a lot of filth. It’s important to regularly clean entrance mats because the longer you allow soil to build up, the harder it is to clean it.

Here are some of the best cleaning practices you can do for your entrance mats:

1. Vacuum every day

Entrance mats are usually made of either nylon or olefin surfaces. The material makes the mat more effective in catching soil, dust, and moisture. The best thing you can do to clean these types of entrance mats and prevent soil build up is to vacuum them every day.

Experts from recommend using a self-contained extractor with a brush and vacuum system for wet soil. When it comes to dry soil, you may use a two-motor vacuum with the brush set all the way down.

2. Deep cleaning

When deep cleaning entrance mats, you may again use a carpet extractor. Be reminded, though, to use as little soap as possible. You can also apply neutral, solvent-free cleaner. If you’re going to use this cleaning agent to get rid of grease or oil, make sure to thoroughly rinse the solvent from the mat before drying it. To remove chewing gum, use a freeze spray and scrape it out of the mat.

3. Wet shampooing

You can also apply hot water and shampoo to clean entrance mats. Use a sponge and a hand brush or a mop. Many choose to use specially formulated shampoos because it agitates the fibers and goes deep into the material of the mats.

Getting professional cleaning services is also an option. Expert cleaners have the latest technologies and use tried-and-tested practices to make sure your entrance mats are as good as new.