Building the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

living roomA man’s apartment is his headquarters. This is where he entertains guests and makes social connections. You want your bachelor pad to be masculine, but still be inviting to the ladies. There are a few interior design elements you should consider when designing your man pad.

Here’s a short breakdown of what you need to know to build the ultimate bachelor pad:

Sofas and Sectionals, Not Recliners

Every guy longs for that perfect recliner. Imagine watching games on your flat screen, seated on a comfy one-seat recliner with a beer compartment. That may be the dream, but it’s a sore sight in a modern home. There are brown leather sofas for sale that give you comfort of recliners and the sleek appearance of modern furniture.

Keep the Toys Away

You finally have your own place and the first things you buy are a pool table, pinball machine, and dart board. Fun as they may be, they make your living room look more like a sports bar than a sophisticated hotel villa. Allot a separate area of your house for these items. Keep the living room a place where you can entertain guests and focus your attention.

Minimal is Masculine

Women love their knick knacks. You will often find figurines of cherubs on every surface, bowls of potpourri lying about. Framed pictures of family, friends, and beloved pets adorn the walls. Men have their own little decorative items, too. Instead of having them spread out around the living area; put up shelf space where you can display them in one area. This can become the room’s focal point while maintaining an overall minimalistic effect.

Make sure your bachelor pad looks like a modern single man’s abode than a sports pub. Pay attention to details like colour and materials used in your items. Don’t forget to add soft elements like a vase of fresh flowers to bring life to your living space, making it a lot more inviting.