Fashion Tips for Women: Dressing for a Golf Game

If you are planning to learn golf, you should start buying sports magazines and browse pictures of some of the world’s famous golfers. This is not just to admire their physique, but also to have an idea of the proper golf attire. While you may be allowed to wear whatever you prefer in the municipal course, you should dress appropriately in private golf courses. Golf country clubs require players to wear proper golf attire. Although the requirements may vary slightly, most dress codes are standard among courses.

Sports Love Shorts

While most sports require shorts as game apparel, you cannot just wear your favorite skimpy shorts when playing golf. Country clubs have specific dress codes that state the inseam length of shorts. To be safe, always make sure the inseam of the shorts you wear is not less than five inches. Don’t wear shorts that show too much skin to avoid grabbing too much attention. These shorts are likely to get you escorted off the property or forced to purchase the proper attire at the overpriced pro shop.

A Fitting Top

Women are free to choose the top as long as it’s not form fitting and it covers the midriff. At most golf course, women are required to wear blouses with sleeves and with collars. There are some, however, that allow sleeveless tops as long as it has a collar. The most popular ladies golf shirts are polo-style and V-neck shirts. These tops come in an array of colors and designs you can choose from. In addition to plain colors, you may find these popular shirts in floral, stripes and other patterns. Turtleneck tops are also widely accepted. Inappropriate golf shirts for ladies include T-shirts, halters and tank tops.

Layering is the Game

Dressing in layers is common for golfers. Make sure, however, that your layers are lightweight to save you from discomfort whenever the weather changes during the day. The three most efficient ways to layer is to wear jackets, vests and leggings. Wearing a vest or sweater over a turtleneck or polo shirt is one option on a cool day. You may also wear a collared button-down shirt, light jacket, or wind shirt for additional covering.

In dressing up for a golf game, it is necessary that you check the dress code of the club where you are playing before stepping out of the house or making any ladies golf apparel purchases.