Finding the Perfect Match: Wedding Gowns and Jewellery

bride's gown and accessories ideaOne of the most striking aesthetic aspects of a wedding is the bridal gown. It sets the tone of the occasion and gives a unique feel that no other outfit can give. When it comes to having the best wedding outfit, it’s best to match it with the right jewellery.

Once you have that wedding dress you dream of, don’t just rush to the nearest trusted jeweller in Melbourne or wherever you are in the country. Bear these tips in mind before choosing the right accessories for your gown.

It’s All about Accent

You’re wearing these accessories to accentuate your overall look. A diamond choker wouldn’t help a strapped chiffon dress with a headpiece. Your necklace should fit the neckline of your gown, but keep in mind that not all styles call for necklaces. It’s best to shop around with your bridesmaids or other friends. Some brides consider custom-made accessories from their favourite jewellery designer in the area.

Make Sure the Colours Hit It Off

It’s important that the colour combinations work. Wearing gold necklaces and earrings when you’re wearing a white gown is a bad idea, as the gold would clash with white. It’s better to wear platinum or pearl to blend with the white gown. Some wear ivory gowns, and the gold earrings and bracelets work in this case. You don’t have to confine yourself with white hues too. Coloured gemstones that can match your theme work well.

Dress to the Occasion

If your wedding is during summer, then make sure that the colours feel like the occasion. Dress with light colours such as lilac, sea blue, or apple green. Winter gives more room for darker colours. The month also plays a role on the number of weddings in the entire country. In 2011, for one, Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that November was the month with most weddings.

Dress, Not Overdress

This is the golden rule of jewellery. No matter how much you love these accessories, you must never overdo it.
It Should Be You

Make sure that what you wear reflects your style and personality. This will make you more confident and more comfortable with whatever you have on your special day.
Matching gowns with jewellery isn’t that hard. While it’s inevitable that you encounter the “what-to-wear” dilemma, you could always counter it with the right accessories and style tips. Your wedding is one of the most special events of your life, so make sure that you look your best.