A Firm Hold

dslr cameraWhenever you go to a website that sells things, there’s always going to be that one item that’ll catch you off guard. One day you might be looking for a Panasonic camera and find something else, something you’ve never seen before – a camera cage.

What is it? Is it for the equipment’s protection? Unfortunately, the answer to all of these is no. Panasonic camera for sale providers dslrpros.com say that camera cage offers no protection of any kind, but provides the user a better handling experience.

The camera cage is a metal platform that people put their DSLRs into to get a firmer grip on their cameras, allowing them to clip attachments. From boom mics to extra flash, you got it. As long as there’s room in the cage and they have the right attachments, photographers can put anything on their camera cages.

These attachments look overbearing and even unnecessary at certain points, as a normal DSLR is already so powerful by itself. But, that’s the exact sentiment a non-photographer would have. Sure, you could be content with using one of the most powerful image capturing devices on the market to make selfies while photobombing a wedding. But, that’s not exactly what camera manufacturers have in mind when they make their products.

Camera cages allow photographers to add an entire host of elements to their shots that may not have been available with their cameras alone. While the camera can record video, the sound was a concern; the flash is great, but it doesn’t reflect off the subject quite right. These and other concerns are some of the issues that make photographers go out and buy extra equipment.

The camera cage allows photographers to have the equipment they would have in the studio out in the field. They can get the perfect shot without having to wait for twilight or try to find the perfect angle.