Five Ways to Update Your Wood Flooring’s Look

Wood flooringHardwood floors are among the most appealing flooring options for a home. For one, they are easy to refinish.
They can also be replaced to boost your property’s value without spending too much. Here are five ways to
update your floors:

1. Scandinavian White Wash

Scandinavian interiors are famous for simplicity, neutral tones and use of natural materials. This creates a
feeling of space and quiet and an opportunity to use colourful decors. To create the Nordic look, whitewash the
floor to lighten the tone and allow the grain of the wood to show through.

Sand the wood thoroughly to remove the existing finish. Do not forget to bleach it before finally applying floor
stains in white or grey hues.

2. Belgian Lime Wash

Belgian home style basics include matte lime-washed surfaces with a chalky grey texture and natural wood
colours. Lime wash stain is a time tested treatment for floors; it complements any architectural style.

3. French Country Style

The French country style decor creates a look that is rustic and welcoming. An important element is the use of
natural materials and rough stains. To replicate this look, woodwash the floor to highlight the grain of natural

There are different colours in the woodwash range. Try creating different decorative designs such as
chequerboard patterns.

4. Brazilian Cherry Wood

Brazilian cherry wood is the perfect option if you are into red hues and exotic colour. It blends well with any
style, from rustic to traditional, contemporary and modern.

Create the look by staining your existing floor with cherry wood stain. Another option is to replace the floor
altogether with Brazilian cherry wood.

5. Black Japan

For a dramatic and modern looking wood floor, Perth flooring experts suggest going for rich, dark colours. Apply
a dark stain to existing boards for a sheer black finish. Dark floors create a strong contrast to a neutral interior.

Improving your home’s interior can start by updating the wood flooring’s look. Accomplish this with the right
wood stain that matches the overall decor.