Fool the Vandals – Use Anti-Graffiti Window Films

Anti-Graffiti Window FilmsGraffiti has grown to become a widely popular form of street art. A lot of young people and artists enjoy doing it. But some go overboard and take their “art” to inappropriate settings. This is where the difference between art and vandalism lies.

Vandals target not only walls and posts of private properties, but even glass windows. Other than spray paint, they also use materials that leave stubborn marks and scratches such as permanent markers, etching tools and even acid. You don’t have a choice but to pay for a costly removal or glass replacement.

The good news is you can now protect your windows by installing durable anti-graffiti film. It is a specially designed type of film serving as a removable, protective surface. Here are the benefits of using window films.

Almost invisible

The film is practically unnoticeable. Vandals, who aim to cause damage to your property’s surfaces wouldn’t notice they’re actually creating their “art” on a removable film. Most vandals attack at night, making it even more impossible to recognise that a window actually has a protective covering.


The film is not only useful in glass and mirror surfaces. You can also use them in non-porous surfaces such as stainless steel and marble. This versatility makes it also a popular option in buses, subways and malls, where any graffiti damage can lead to costly repair.

Quick installation

Installation and replacement of anti-graffiti window films are fast and easy. Professionally trained staff won’t take long in doing the job for you. Commercial property owners will never have to worry about disruption of business.

Irreversible damage and costly repairs due to graffiti and vandalism can be avoided by simply using these films. Look for qualified window film fitters to add another level of protection to your property, be it residential or commercial.