Girls, This is Why You Should Ditch the Razor… Now

razor haircutFor girls, removing unwanted hair is part of a normal grooming and beauty regimen. Smooth and flawless armpits and legs means you can wear that little black dress, those short shorts, and the sleeveless cropped top you just got on your latest shopping spree. One of the most common hair removal methods most women practice is shaving.

Not to be a downer or anything, but if you’re one of these women, you need to drop the razor, throw it in the bin, and leave it for good. Why, you ask?

1. Razors cut and cause ingrown hairs

You may not notice it, but razors often result in cuts and leave little unattractive scrapes on the skin. Even if you have the perfect beach look, that razor burn on your leg can be a major turn off (and sting, too) when you hit the beach. Furthermore, shaving causes ingrown hairs. Many experience skin irritation and inflammation because of this.

This is why some women turn to the laser hair removal method. According to, laser technology ensures that hair removal does not leave abrasions, burns, or ingrown hairs. Consider this treatment if you want flawless skin.

2. Razors cause ‘chicken skin’

Aside from the scrapes and ingrown hairs, shaving can also cause ‘chicken skin’ or the little white or red bumps that are not quite easy to get rid of. When you shave armpit hair, there is also the risk of shaving your actual skin off. The skin revitalizes itself and regular shaving interrupts the natural cycle by revealing new skin cells too early. This is what causes damaged and unattractive chicken skin.

3. Razors can make you sick

Improper razor care can lead to it becoming a breeding ground for dangerous germs. Staph infections are the most common health problem associated with unclean razors. The infection is a painful skin condition, which requires antibiotics to treat.

Ditch the razors now, girl. Try other hair removal methods that are safe and will guarantee smoother and more flawless skin.