How to Create a Pet-Friendly Household

Designing a house involves careful planning, as it involves different factors for everyone live comfortably. These include making it ideal for the family and their pets. “You can have a beautiful house and a pet, too,” says the author of “Animal House Style: Designing a Home to Share with Your Pets,” Julia Szabo. Choosing the right materials and accommodating the needs of your pets will definitely make the house pet-friendly. Here’s a guideline that you can follow:

Cleaning Duties

To keep the house clean, use a vacuum to remove fur from the furniture’s surface. House pets leave their fur unintentionally when they scratch or lay down. Pet fur contains oil that attracts dirt to the fabric, so it’s important to do some cleaning at least twice a week.

Stain-Resistant Fabric

Look for furniture that doesn’t absorb any material from home improvement centers like DirectBuy Fresno, California. Avoid using silk, chintz, and velvet because these attract pet fur. Instead, choose a synthetic fabric like leather that resists stain, smell, bacteria, and mud. These are durable and easy to clean, as you only need to wipe its surface with cloth or use a cleaning spray.

Proper Flooring

Avoid using carpets because these absorb odor, trap pet hair, and work like a sponge that soaks up to everything. These are difficult to maintain because you need to clean its surface almost every day. Choose hardwood flooring from centers like Direct Buy Fresno, California instead.

Pet Grooming

Grooming can keep your pet and house clean. Trimming the nails will prevent scratches on the floor, furniture, and fixtures. Bathing and brushing regularly removes loose hair, so these won’t go to your sofa, bed, curtain, and other fabrics. This makes your household items last longer because you don’t have to wash these more often.

Don’t keep your furry friends out of the house. Instead, make them feel welcome with a pet-friendly house. Look for home improvement centers, like Fresno, California Direct Buy, for fixtures that are ideal for your pet.