How to Know When It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Heating or Cooling System

Maintenance is the key to keeping your heating or cooling system in good condition. You should perform necessary repairs or even replace it when needed. But how do you know when it’s time to call a technician or look for a new unit?

Being watchful is important. You need to pay attention to everything that’s happening inside your property. Doing so will let you know when to repair or replace items like your heating and cooling system.

Below are the signs you should watch out for if you have air conditioners and heaters in your home or office.

Your System is Malfunctioning

Manufacturers design and build air conditioning systems to last. These equipment, however, are still prone to damage or malfunctioning. Such problems can be due to improper use or installation, poor maintenance practices, and the equipment’s age. It’s ideal to call a Virginia Beach air conditioning technician when you start noticing signs of malfunctioning in your heating or cooling system. These include the following:

– Excessive dust
– The AC is running, but isn’t cooling the air
– The AC leaks
– Ice formation in the system, especially in the coils

Your Air Conditioner is More Than 15 Years Old

According to a Consumer Reports Buying Guide from 1999, an air conditioner should last about 15 years. If yours is older than that, you should expect it to start malfunctioning. And you should consider replacing it immediately. Repair isn’t always the best solution, especially if the problem is due to coil or compressor failure. Replacing the whole unit at once is usually more practical because unmatched parts can compromise efficiency and lead to added repairs.

Your Bills are Continuously Going Up

You should think about replacing your heating and cooling system if your energy bills keep on going up every month. This happens when the system becomes less efficient. It also pays to locate the source of the problem before making the decision to repair or replace your unit.

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