How to ‘Pop Some Tags’ like a Pro

look for thrift clothing shop‘Popping tags’ is more than just lyrics in the popular Macklemore song, Thrift Shop. For most people, second-hand shopping is a way of life. The adventure of hunting and gathering vintage fashion is far more thrilling than shopping at department stores. Thrift shopping is a bargain and a great source of fashion finds. If you want to wear something vintage but have no money, second-hand stores are your best sources.

Thrift shopping is economical, but requires a surprising amount of skill. Before you head out and shop in Claremont thrift stores, here are some secrets to make the most of your visit:

Dig to Find What You Really Dig

Some people will tell you to go to a thrift store with a specific idea of what you’re looking for, but going the opposite is the proper way to dig. You can find the best clothing items when you go in with no agenda. If you have the patience to sift through the racks, you’ll unearth some real gems at thrift stores, like a Banana Republic dress at just a fraction of what you’d pay for at the department store.

Buy Jeans! (It Gets Better with Age)

Lived-in jeans have the best washes. Denim is a material that gets better with age, and is the definitive neutral that goes with everything. Look for perfectly worn-in jeans and don’t get discouraged with big sizes. Good tailoring can turn your jeans into a stand-out piece. Many thrift stores are well-stocked with lived-in jeans so you can often find a better selection and quality.

Arrive at the Store Early to Claim the Best Pieces

The early bird gets the good thrift store finds. Treat thrift shopping as a competitive activity. As a beginner, you’ll be up against some seasoned shoppers who have a good eye at fashion finds. Be savvy and have clerks on speed dial to stay informed on new additions to their inventory. If you’re planning to thrift on a weekend, plan your schedule around early arrivals so your day isn’t wasted on stores that have been dug out by other shoppers.

Vintage finds from thrift stores will make your wardrobe feel more unique and special than those items everyone can get their hands on. Look for thrift clothing stores in Claremont and dig for one-of-a-kind items with a story behind them. This way, you’ll find pieces begging for a stylish redux at affordable prices.