Latest Advancements in Boat Cover Fabrics

boat coverBoat covers are a necessity for all boats. The covers have been around for some time and come in various shapes to suit all types of boat designs. The history of boat cover fabrics began with cotton canvas in 1500BC.

Since then, there have been great strides and changes in boat covers for bass boats to meet the needs of consumers. These innovations have also resulted in boat fabrics that are longer lasting and perform better than those in the past.

Here are some of the latest improvements worth considering:

Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics became the best choice for boat cover fabrics in the 19th century. The four synthetic fabrics that currently dominate the boat cover market are acrylic, polyolefin, nylon, and polyester. These fabrics are more durable than natural ones, such as cotton. They are also stain-resistant, waterproof, and UVB and UV-resistant with additional treatments.

Coated Materials

The two main coated boat cover materials are polyester or vinyl composites and vinyl coated polyester. These coated materials are woven in their normal color, and then a coating substance in your desired color is applied afterward. Coated materials are unfortunately less breathable compared to other options because of their top coat, but they still offer optimal performance.

Broad Color Range

Most boat owners are opting for bold fabric colors. Dark colors typically block out more UV rays while providing more shade for your boat. Light colors let in abundant light to create an airy and light boat atmosphere. The classic colors that match a boat’s gel-coat have also not gone out of style.

The above advancements are all designed for optimal protection for your boat regardless of its design. Other than the exterior cover, you can go ahead and get covers for your seats and interiors. These typically come in cotton, linen, suede, and leather materials.