Logo: The Cherry on Top of a Brand Cake

There are many ways to promote a brand. Marketing makes use of different tactics and media to leave a positive impression on consumer minds. Some ways like giving out brochures and brand bible are traditional, while others are modern responses to a fast-changing world.


Brochures and brochure designs are important marketing tools these days. They are a great way to introduce consumers to your new products and services to new promos for existing products. A quality and well-designed brochure has layout and design that show consumers that your business pays attention to details. You also show that you are willing to provide useful information to the public.

Brand Bible

A brand bible or a brand book is an important component of a well-functioning brand. It declares your company vision, mission, and core values. A brand bible has two major audiences: the internal stakeholders and marketing partners. Internal stakeholders read from the brand bible your company’s core competencies and long term goal. Marketing partners use the brand bible to keep up to date with the latest marketing strategy that your company is implementing to grow its market and profits.

Brand Logo

Though one of the most overlooked part of brand marketing, the logo plays an important role in building the identity and strength of a brand. Unfortunately, most companies don’t even have one and when they do, they are often tired, worn, and clearly out of date. Companies should start giving value to the brand logo because it is the symbol of their existence and everything their business stands for.

Whether you use it to increase visibility, recognition, and awareness with consumers, remember that a logo is the sweet cherry on top of your brand cake. With the right logo and the appropriate brand, your company can rise above your particular industry.