Motocross 101: Important Safety Gear for the Rough Roads

an expert motocross riderYou’ve got your bike, and now it’s time to equip yourself with proper motocross gear before you hit the dirt. Looking for an online motocross store is the first thing you need to do. Make sure to research before making any purchases. Keep in mind that you’re spending money to protect yourself, so don’t settle for anything less.

Below are some tips to help you decide what to invest your money on:


The most important gear you’ll ever own is a helmet. Don’t think about buying a used one, even if it looks like it’s in good condition. You don’t know what’s been done to it, so it’s always better to invest in a new one. Never use an open face street helmet when riding off-road. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner rider, a good quality helmet is an important piece of safety gear to protect your head from possible injury.


A decent pair of goggles doesn’t only protect your eyes, it also helps you see exactly where you’re going. There are many quality goggle brands out there. Make sure to buy something that fits properly and allows good vision. When you’re racing, you need to invest in goggles with tear- or roll-off system. The tear-off system works well for motocross because of the shorter time you’re racing. If you’re doing longer events like cross country, roll-off is a better choice, as it lasts longer.


Boots are an important MX gear you’ll need to buy. Motocross boots are technical – both in protection level and cost. These types of boots stabilise your ankle and foot. Most boots have hard plastic shields in the impact prone sections. To protect your toes, some designs have a steel plate that covers the front of the boots.

Chest Protector

For those riding in rocky areas, a good chest protector is a must. This motocross body armour can protect you from injury in case you fall off the bike and hit the ground during a race.

Never start motocross without the proper safety gear. You don’t know what’s going to happen, so it’s better to prepare yourself before it’s too late.