Not Just for Kids Play: Choosing the Right Adult Scooter

man doing some scooter stuntsMany teenagers and young adults have discovered the benefits of riding a stunt scooter. Going to places that are too far a walk, yet too short of a drive have made this riding device a success. If you’re planning to buy one, your criteria should be different from a typical kid’s scooter. Here’s a short guideline to help you:

Deck Size

The space of the deck is important because it determines how comfortable you are while riding. If you can’t stand properly, you’ll have difficulties balancing and kicking the ground. Look for an adult kick scooter and stand on it to make sure you can align both feet. Don’t remove your shoes when measuring the size of the deck because the space it takes up is also important. If your feet are too close to the handlebars and back wheel, then look for a bigger one.


Many manufacturers offer adjustable handlebars to accommodate varying heights. Look for those that have heavy-duty locks, so it won’t go loose while you’re riding. The proper height should be on your waist level. If it’s too low, you’ll end up slouching and lose your center of gravity. If it’s too high, you won’t be able to lean forward and put pressure on the knees. Turn the handle left and right to check if it’s smooth enough. Fender brakes are optional, but choose what you think will help you maneuver better.


Adult kick scooters need tougher materials because they have to carry a heavier load. The ideal weight for an adult rider is 220 to 300 pounds. If you’re heavier than that, you need to find a scooter that has a higher level. Choosing the correct type for your weight will lengthen its lifespan, as the scooter wheels and deck won’t have to go through much pressure.

These are only some of the factors you need to check when buying an adult kick scooter. Look for stores that also offer scooter parts to know where to go when you need to replace parts.