Reaching New Heights with iFit-Enabled Treadmills

man running on a treadmillRunning will always be a part of any workout regimen. Whether you’re trying to improve your stamina, tone your muscles, or shed some pounds, this exercise is sure to deliver many benefits. With the invention of treadmills, you don’t even need to leave your home to achieve your fitness goals.

You can now take your training a notch higher. Unlike devices of the past, innovative treadmills that are compatible with iFit allow you to enjoy the rewards of running at any routes right at your home.


Many people run the streets because of the scenery and slight changes in inclination, keeping you entertained and motivated at the same time. This brings a unique thrill to your running experience. The downside of actually training outdoors, however, is a handful of challenges that may affect your workout. The road becomes a dangerous venue during a bad weather; the hard blow of wind to your face makes it hard to concentrate on your rhythm and breathing.

The beauty of an advanced treadmill is you can combine the practical benefits of road running to the conveniences of an indoor workout. With Google Maps, you can choose your next running route at any street across the globe while at home.


Tracks are truly the safest place to run. No matter what your fitness goals are, these running venues have the features to help you achieve them. You can do long-distance jogging sessions or sprints. For recreational runners, though, running on a track is not always a possibility, as most of these venues are reserved for events and organized practices of athletes. Fortunately, you can now have this option with an iFit-enabled treadmill.


Hill or mountain running offers the greatest physical benefits. These terrains require more effort than any other route, making your body work harder. This gives your heart, lungs, muscles, and even bones a more strenuous exercise than everyday jogging. The only problem with trail running is safety, as accidents may happen with the nature of the terrain. An iFit-compatible treadmill automatically adjusts its inclination to mimic any popular running trail in the world. This comes without the danger of falling off the cliffs or slipping on steep slopes.

Modern indoor running equipment lets you track your progress and network with other fitness enthusiasts online. The cutting-edge training platform allows you to stay on top of your numbers on any mobile devices. Indeed, running indoors can now take you to new heights, as working out outdoors with an iFit-enabled treadmill.