Retail Store Design Trends

awningsRetailers are always looking for ways to increase foot traffic. Other than stores signs and branded long island awnings, the right design can raise brand awareness, sales, and even customer loyalty.

Here are some trends to consider when planning a retail store makeover:

Color of the Year

To keep stores looking fresh and up-to-date with the trends, many business owners repaint their walls and storefronts regularly to match the color of the year.

It’s not yet too late to incorporate radiant orchid (the color of 2014) in your color scheme. Experts say the soft hues of this year’s color make stores more inviting. You can use this pastel shade on your display or storefront, but remember to consider how the shade fits into your overall branding.

Eco-friendly Materials

This year, retail store specialists noticed that many shops have gone all natural in their designs. Entrepreneurs are using eco-friendly, organic materials for store fixtures and other elements. Whether you’re using wood for small accents or large displays, natural materials can add a sense of class in your store.

Creative Lighting Schemes

Lighting is very important both inside and outside your store. With the right outdoor lighting and awning in your long island store, you can attract attention and encourage customers to visit your shop. By changing lighting fixtures, you can highlight important sections and direct the attention of customers to where you want them to go.

High tech Features

Many small businesses, including retailers, are using LED lights in their shops. Some even have signs made of LED bulbs. 3D printing is another technology that retailers use to create unique designs. With this technology, shop owners can have eye-catching storefront displays, making their stores stand out.

A retail makeover can improve your business, attracting more customers to your store. Keep your shop stylish by incorporating trends in your shop design.