School Wear Checklist: Welcoming the Academic Year with Quality Uniforms

Quality of uniformChildren spend more time wearing school uniforms than they do in casual clothing. As such, uniforms need to be durable and of high quality to last the entire school year. After all, you don’t want to use your entire budget on school wear alone.

Here are some things to consider before you order new school uniforms:

Quality of the Material

Check for any fraying or discoloration on the fabric. The feel of the material should be consistent. Other factors to consider when buying school uniform in Australia include thickness, feel on the skin and weight; these will depend on the type of clothing you need. For example, school pants for boys would normally be made of nylon fabric for extra durability.

Cut and Appearance

The cut of the uniform should follow the grain of the fabric to maintain the cloth’s weave—especially if there are designs on the material. The weave’s directions must be consistent. Check if there are basting threads and sewing markings left on the cloth.

The length of the uniform is important. Check the school’s requirements for the length of uniform hemlines. Depending on policies, you may need to alter the school uniform.

Final Touches

Check all parts of the uniform—from the collar right down to the hem. Make sure there are no loose stitches or bunched areas on the fabric. Pull the buttons gently to see if these are sewn tightly. The pleats and folds of the uniform should be neat and attractive. Inspect the needlework on the nametag or patches. Check if the zippers are working properly.

After checking everything, have your child try on the uniform to see how it fits. Your child should be able to move around without feeling any discomfort. Make sure the uniform complies with school standards, as well.

Uniforms provide students the opportunity to wear their school colours. This gives them an identity in the community; that they are part of a prestigious academe. As a parent, you’re responsible for ensuring your children wear their school colours with confidence—and this includes finding the right clothes for the academic year.