Snapbacks: The Cap On The Go

man wearing a capSummer has seen the return of many by-gone trends and the ride of nostalgia isn’t showing any signs of stopping. The snapback cap is one such style that’s making waves long after the famous trend died out in early 2000s.

Looking Down

Many people look down on the humble snapback because it’s seen as too casual, but to be fair nobody’s expecting anyone who wants to be taken seriously to wear a snapback at a black tie event. Snapbacks were designed to wear for the outdoors and marketed to be worn at sporting events, making the ‘too casual’ observation useless and void.

A trio of friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through an apparel brand for example, first made Brixton snapbacks. Sure, they’re not the most highbrow of brands, but no one can accuse them of not being themselves. Snapbacks are much the same way; they were designed for the specific purpose of keeping the sun out of the wearer’s eyes and are able to fit any head.

A Perfect Combination

Snapbacks perfectly mesh practicality, marketability, and flexibility into a single perfectly wearable package. Can it be a piece of headwear that promotes laziness on the part of the wearer to neglect hair styling? Perhaps, but the people who prefer snapbacks probably couldn’t care less about what product was on their head; in addition, snapback wearers would most likely dismiss anyone who did care.

The disdain cap wearers feel for people who insist on hair styling as a better alternative is rooted in the accessory’s history. People have fully embraced snapbacks since the early 90s because of the rise of hip-hop culture, but American baseball players have worn the caps since the 50s. The culture surrounding the cap is one of practicality and a virtual no-fuss attitude.

It’s basically the kind of thing someone wears when they’re in a hurry, or just need something on their head for a walk around the block. No frills or preparation needed, just slap it on, and it’s good to go, because there’s even less reason to stop at the pace the world is going nowadays.