Three Things About Selling Jewelry

jewelryJewelry pieces are among the few things that don’t lose their value over time, if maintained properly. These make them valuable investment tools, as long as they can fulfil two requirements: knowledge of jewelry appraisal, and a willingness to let go of something shiny.

Jewelry stores and pawnshops are known to bring in new pieces of jewelry whenever they could. But, people should remember, these shops are businesses, and they’ll try to get the best items at the lowest prices every time they buy something.

Jewelry shops such as AAA Jewelry have been in the business for a long time and offer tips on making the most of their pieces.

Shop Around

There’s nothing uniform about how shops will judge a specific piece. There might be something about a gold ring that tickles the fancy of one owner that doesn’t do anything for anyone else. Looking for the right buyer is even more important to someone selling the pieces. Jewelers have the inventory to bounce back from a bad deal; people with limited pieces don’t have the same luxury.

Use Your Poker Face

Haggling is part of the business; anyone who accepts an offer too quickly either doesn’t know what they’re doing or is handling something illegal. Sometimes a simple negotiating tactic is enough to make jewelers lower their initial offers. There a hundred ways people can try to increase the offer price, just make sure to keep the negotiations fair.

Get Chips and Use Them

Ask for a written offer when making the first rounds in the shops. It’s a great way to show that the intent to sell is serious, and gives other shops an idea of how much they’re willing to give for a particular item. There’s nothing wrong with showing shop other offers you’ve had; in fact, it can be a great bargaining chip for getting a better offer.