Top 4 Ideas for Wedding Ring Engravings

couple wearing their wedding ringThere’s nothing more sentimental and romantic than wedding ring engravings. When inscribed with a significant message, the rings become more cherished by the couple.

If you’re looking for ideas for an engraving, consider the following:

Choose a Traditional Inscription with a Creative Engraving

A traditional inscription includes the names and wedding date of the couple. To be more creative, choose a special word or even a phrase from a memorable or favorite poem, song, or religious writing.

Choose a Time for the Engraving

Engravings have no time limit. Even though you’ve already been married for 15 years and living in Long Island, you can still get a local jeweler to engrave a message into your rings.

Think of an Inscription Early

If you want to have the rings engraved by a local jeweler before the wedding, think about an inscription early on. Think of a word or phrase that best describes the relationship.

Think of the Technical Aspects

Once you’ve come up with the ideal inscription, think of the technical aspects of wedding ring engravings, like the engraving methods.

There are two engraving methods: hand and machine engraving. Hand engraving involves using a tool called a graver, which looks like a miniature chisel. Formed into different shapes, the sharp, chisel ends of these tools offer a number of looks for the text. These different shapes also allow the hand engravers to choose the most suitable tool for the type of lettering and symbol requested.

Machine engraving involves using different power-driven engravers that work off templates or computer aided designs. Under this option, the jeweler or engraver inserts the rings in machine engravers that then form the letters. These engravers burrow into or spread the metal apart to create the letters.

With endless choices for engravings, you’ll never run out of ideas for an inscription. Simply look around you or think about your significant other for engraving inspirations.