Wheel Power: Design Rules for Effective Vehicle Wraps and Signs

cars with wrapsWrapping a vehicle is definitely an art form, but the real work begins even before the stickers and graphics run through the printer. Car wraps and signage in Brisbane have long been a tried-and-tested form of advertising for many Australian businesses.

Many business owners, however, still fail to create effective vehicle wraps. Simply sticking on your company logo on the driver-side door just won’t do. To help you out, here are some important rules when designing your car signage. It doesn’t have to be a colourful and image-filled sign; the key is perfect execution and delivery.

Start with a Great Brand

Many businesses fail with their marketing efforts using vehicle wraps because they have poor brand identity and logo. Your brand should always be the primary message of the vehicle signage you’re having made in Brisbane or elsewhere. This is true especially if you own a small business that’s still trying to make an impact in the community; the message is always about your company. Starting with a poor brand may mean you’ve already failed even before starting: by wasting money on a wrap and missing a huge marketing opportunity.

Use Photos Sparingly

Unless it’s part of your logo, use photos sparingly. Images often aren’t part of brand identity; it doesn’t connect you with the business name. It can tell you something about what the company does, but so does an impressive brand.

A flower delivery truck, for example, may prominently feature a rose on the side of the van, but doesn’t do much in promoting your actual company. Sure, the customer who sees it will know you’re a florist, but the 3 seconds they have to view your ad isn’t enough to let them know who you really are. You’d have a better shot of letting them know about your business with just a plain text or logo.

Limit Your Ad Copy

There are only a few things a good vehicle wrap needs: a strong brand, a tagline perhaps, and a few contact details. Bullet lists have no place on the side of a vehicle. You want to convey one to two memorable takeaways, rather than list 10 things and have none remembered.

Vehicle wraps are a great and affordable way to advertise your local business, but only if you design, create, and execute it properly.