When It Loses Its Cool: Top Reasons Air Conditioning Systems Won’t Work

man repairing an air conditionerDespite the fact that there could be more than a dozen reasons air conditioners break down, there are only a few very common ones. Identifying these may help you understand what the air conditioning repair company is referring to when they specify the solutions you will need to correct the problem.

Below are the most usual dilemmas you may face as far as air conditioning units are concerned.

Problematic Wiring

Improper wiring does not only cause air conditioning systems to malfunction; it can also cause fire eventually. Faulty wiring inhibits the system from getting the right amount of power. You may do a minor repair if you’re experienced enough to delve into the nitty-gritty of wires. Otherwise, don’t touch the device.

Broken Outside Fan

The outside fan releases the heat. If it doesn’t work, the transfer of heat won’t take place. This may leave your room humid. The compressor may also overheat and become damaged eventually.

Inadequate Refrigerant

All air conditioning units contain freon, also known as refrigerant. It is a chemical that lowers the temperature of the air, thus, cooling it. Inadequate refrigerant may indicate that there’s a leak in the system. To fix it, you must seal the leak and recharge the unit with refrigerant.

Frozen Internal Coil

This is another repercussion brought about by inadequate refrigerant. It can cause problems in the air flow. Another reason for this is the blockage in the filters or ductwork.

Drainage Problems

Air conditioners dehumidify indoor air by collecting the moisture and draining it away. When the system’s drainage doesn’t work properly, expect that there will be leaks and overflows. The only thing you can do here is to clean the drain pipes properly.

These are only some of the problems you may encounter when it comes to using air conditioning units. Keep in mind that some of them may require repairs by air conditioning maintenance teams. Don’t attempt fixing these problems if you don’t have any experience to avoid further damage and accidents.