16 Year Old Becomes Overnight Sensation Thanks To Natural Autotune

Auto TuneEmmalene “Emma” Robinson, a 16-year-old high school junior, turned into an overnight YouTube sensation thanks to her “natural Auto-Tune” skills.

Auto-Tune software, with its robot-like voice modulation features, caused big controversy in the music and entertainment industry. Established musicians like T-Pain and Kanye West received criticisms for using it. Parody works such as “Auto-Tune the News,” on the other hand, became massive hits.

Natural Auto-Tune Skills

On the contrary, the 16-year-old Robinson seems to have the ability to sing as if she’s on Auto-Tune, without any computer software helping out.

Robinson said in an interview that without her knowledge, her boyfriend posted a video of her singing Rihanna’s hit song “Stay” in the music section of a popular social news and entertainment website. Her boyfriend specified in the website that there’s no Auto-Tune involved.

Instant Popularity

Robinson’s YouTube views significantly increased. From 600 subscribers, the teenager now has more than 7,000. She says most comments are kind and flattering, but a number of users either express doubt in her ability, or leave rude comments.

Robinson swears her natural Auto-Tune sounding skills are authentic, and claims she has been singing that way ever since childhood.

“I’d say it’s a variation of yodeling or Celtic-type singing. It brings back those old Irish (songs) … I don’t know how I got it; I just can’t sing without it.”