3 Unique Oversights that Make for a Painful Moving Experience

Moving HousesMoving houses can be a traumatic experience or an enjoyable one, depending on how well you prepare for the process. Lack of planning spells doom while increasing the risk of losing all your possession. Despite taking some of the necessary precautions before your move, you are likely to make crucial mistakes that could also ruin the experience.

  • Failing to take moving insurance

While most credible movers in Salt Lake City, UT carry insurance policies, the scope of coverage varies between service providers. The moving firm may not extend coverage to some items, especially if you have highly valuable items. Therefore, you should liaise with your moving company and understand which items their policy covers. As such, you can arrange an independent cover for the other items and safeguard against massive losses.

  • Failing to change exterior locks of the new house

Many movers offer comprehensive moving services such that they may not require your presence when moving your items. They will pack all your belongings, load them up, ship them, and unpack them in your new house. As such, you can make your move well in advance of the relocation deadline. Failing to change the exterior locks on the new house puts your possessions at risk since the previous owners or the realtors may still have access. For peace of mind, especially when you are far away, change the locks before the movers deliver your household goods.

  • Failing to check the house rules in your new house

It might come as a surprise, but your new house may have rules about when you new tenants must move into the building. For instance, your new condominium may not allow you to move in on a Sunday, which would pose a significant problem if you did not know beforehand. Others might require you to book the use of a freight elevator and pay for the privilege.

Many people overlook certain seemingly unimportant issues when relocating to a new house, and it ends up ruining the moving process. Simple oversights when moving houses can ruin the entire process or cause you to incur massive losses.