4 Surefire Ways to Make Your Home Theater Look New Again

Home theaterAlmost everyone in the US wants a home theater. A place where they can watch movies freely anytime they like, it is high up in many families’ wish list. Today, more families are having the capacity to build and enjoy their own home theater facilities.

If you already have a home theater, however, you should also learn how to maintain it. Dust and messy wiring can ruin the home theater experience. Besides, it does not take a lot to make sure the whole room is in order. Take a look at the following pointers on how to maintain your media room:

Wipe glass surfaces with non-abrasive cloth

For those with digital projection viewport windows, you should have non-abrasive cloth ready. Wipe the glass surfaces gently. Only use isopropyl alcohol-water solution for tougher stain. For good measure, experts suggest you choose reliable port windows that have hydrophobic coating.

Do not touch the lens with your bare fingers

Do not touch the projector lens with your fingers. If you have to clean the lamp, hold the lamp handle instead of the bulb. Make sure the projector is not plugged in whenever you have to clean it.

Organize cables and connectors

Cables and connectors can be unsightly. By bundling them, you will free up space and have a neat-looking home entertainment room. Bundle audio cables, video cables, and power cords separately and use labels so you know which is which.

Clean the speaker using a paint brush with soft bristle

When cleaning the speaker, especially the drivers, it is better to use a paint brush that has soft bristles. Use the vacuum cleaner only when cleaning the grilles. Non-abrasive cloth is also effective for cleaning smaller parts.

You should schedule regular maintenance of your home theater to keep it clean and organized. You will enjoy your movies better and feel like you have a new entertainment room all the time.