5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Spice up Your Corporate Event

corporate eventPutting together and planning a corporate event to make it as exciting as possible involves more than just hiring live bands or performance artists. While these can definitely add excitement to any event, they are not suitable for hosts or organisers with a limited budget. The good news is that there are several low-cost ideas that can make your event more exciting and memorable.

Here are a few budget-friendly ways to spice up your corporate event:

Game Shows

Friendly competition is an excellent way to get your guests moving. Create individual and team games and pattern it after your company’s culture. Quizzes or puzzle-solving games are good options for corporate events. Offer simple prices like freebies or gift certificates to the winning contestant or groups.

Venue Decorations

Make you event more memorable by decorating the venue with festive and cheerful decorations. You can also use slideshow presentations, as they can be tied to the theme of the event. It is also advisable to look for cocktail function venues that provide in-house decoration for limited or no extra cost.

DJ Tunes

Consider a DJ to provide entertainment and tunes instead of hiring a live band. A great DJ is more interesting than a live band and their services are often more affordable. Just make sure to design the stage appropriately so the DJ can create cool visuals while keeping the energy of the party at the highest levels possible.

Set a Theme

Setting a theme is one way to make corporate parties go more smoothly. This also gives employees something to talk about as soon as they receive the invitation. Common themes include disco fever, masquerade ball, carnival, and casino.

Company Videos

Create compelling videos featuring employees and leaders in your company. Attendees will surely appreciate something that they can relate to instead of inviting an additional guest speaker. Follow the two-minute rule for videos to keep viewers engaged.

Think of innovative ideas when planning your corporate event. Find entertainment and activities that suit your company’s culture. Think of things that can boost employee morale and leave people satisfied.