5 Celebrities Who Listed Their Houses for Rent

HousesYou may think that only ordinary people with extra homes get into the business of renting out properties. Some celebrities, however, also let tenants stay in their properties. Even movie stars, it seems, wouldn’t mind making a little extra cash from their assets.

1. Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst’s Manhattan penthouse is the perfect place for people interested in unique properties. The actress purchased it in 2007 for $3 million and did a renovation of the property.

Located in SoHo, the two-bedroom apartment has attractive views of the Hudson River, the cityscape, and comes with furniture. Anyone willing to pay $12,500 a month can rent it.

2. Pamela Anderson

As a former Baywatch babe, Pamela Anderson has acquired some great assets, including her Malibu home. According to reports, the three-bedroom property is up for rent starting at $27,500. In the summer, the rent goes up to $45,000.

The property is ideal for those looking for a long-term vacation as it has elegant furnishings and luxurious interior design.

3. Janet Jackson

Pop superstar Janet Jackson also listed her New York pad for rent. She got the three-bedroom apartment in 1998, but hasn’t made any personal design touches to its interior design.

For $35,000 a month, tenants will not only experience living in a music superstar’s home, they’ll also have stunning views of Central Park and be in one of Donald Trump’s high-rise buildings.

4. Helen Mirren

Famed actress Helen Mirren put her Hollywood property on the rental market for $35,000 a month. It combines Provincial and Mediterranean design influences with furnishings that only a select few typically enjoy.

The four-bedroom property was built in 1911, making it a great home to rent for those looking to experience a little bit of history.

5. Hugh Hefner

Playboy’s Hugh Hefner put up his Hollywood Hills property for rent. Since no one is using the property, it is available for rent at $32,000 a month. The five-bedroom house features floating staircases, smart technology, cantilevered terraces, and an infinity pool.

Whether you’re looking for a mansion or something more modest for your rental home, American Heritage Properties in San Diego advises to always check that the property is a good fit for your needs. You wouldn’t want to be paying for a house that you can’t make good use of.

The homes you’re looking at may not have the same appeal as these celebrity homes, but there are lots of properties out there with elegant designs and furnishings. Consult with a realtor to help you find the best rental house for your lifestyle.