A Personal Touch: Make Your Window Blinds Look Fabulous

Window BlindsHome owners in Perth use blinds as the standard cover for windows since they are affordable, practical and can fit any room or space. Blinds as replacement for curtains or other window coverings need not look boring. Consider these customisation tips.

Paint them

A new coat of paint can do wonders. And you don’t have to use just one colour. Take two or more complementary colours, or even contrasting and analogous ones, and use them to colour your blinds.

Paint each slat a different colour. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure that your colour choices match the windows and the wall designs.

Personalise them

Get stencils or stickers to decorate roller blinds. This idea would work well in a baby’s or toddler’s room. Just get the same stencils you used on the walls and add a few on your blinds. You can even place the stickers and stencils on the blind’s head rails. This idea is also perfect for your teenager who wants to personalise their room.

Accessorise them

The Blinds Gallery says blinds are simple and versatile, giving you several design options. Instead of using spray paint, why not splatter paint with a brush on your blinds instead? Accessorise by sticking the remainder of your broken jewellery on the head rail using super glue.

And if your forte is drawing, get artistic with a bunch of permanent colour markers. It would be amazing to see your own name on your blind’s slats once you’ve closed them tight. Colour the cord with cloth dye and let it dry.

There are countless options; however, do remember not to overdo it. The first function of your blinds is to keep the light out of your room. Don’t do anything to it that would get in the way of that.