A Quick Guide to Dealing with Basement Floods

Basement flooding in AustraliaBasement flooding can happen any time, and it’s a devastating problem that many Australian homeowners face. Some people deal with the issue immediately, but others prefer to wait and just let it go away on its own. When left neglected, however, basement floods can have serious consequences.

When pipes become clogged, the wastewater backs up and overflows.  It’s best to deal with this right away. It’s important to know the right thing to do and how you can protect your property from damage.

Determine the Root Cause

The first step you should take is to understand why your basement floods. One possible cause is a blocked plumbing system. As General Trades explains, “A blocked pipe can be caused by many things, ferrous oxide-rust that has accumulated at the bottom of the pipe because the outlet hadn’t been used for years, tree roots, sanitary products or simply a collapsed or broken pipe. In older properties, another possibility is that your clay drain pipes have cracked and plant roots have found their way in to block it.” To stay safe in the event of flooding, it pays to know how to unblock pipes and fixtures.

Call for Professional Help

As a homeowner, you need to maintain the private wastewater pipes that run through your property. If clearing any blockage to drains doesn’t solve the problem, then it’s time to call for professional help. Plumbers will respond as soon as possible before the water levels increase, as this can cause severe structural damage.

Stop the Blockage

For your toilet, kitchen sink or laundry tubs to work, the pipes must be clean and free from any obstruction. One effective way is to be mindful about what you put in the drains. For instance, put cooking grease in a small milk container instead of throwing it directly on the sink.

Keep these things in mind to keep the drains running freely and to prevent basement flooding. It’s also important to remember to never do the unblocking alone. It’s always safest to get some help.