Animal Rights Group Stages Branding Act In Israel

brandingsAn animal rights movement called 269 life in Israel has had one of its members, Sasha Boojor brand himself with hot iron. They were trying to highlight the pain that animals that were branded in the same manner, underwent. Similar brandings have taken place elsewhere in branches of this group in United States, Italy, Argentina and Czechoslovakia. The group takes its name from the number branded on a calf in an Israeli dairy farm. Boojor is the head of this group that is loosely organized. The various branches are in contact but their respective activities are decided on their own.

In the past few months, this group has enacted in Israel some sensational and at times gruesome stunts. The branding video put up on YouTube has had 270,000 viewers. The group has 33,000 “likes” on Facebook.

Police is viewing the group with suspicion and calls them a cult that seemed quite extreme. One of the group’s acts of defacing fountains with severed cow heads is under investigation.