What to Do if You Have Animals in Your Attic

atticMany Utah homeowners occasionally get unwanted guests in their attics, usually of the four legged or feathery kind. Wildlife has a way of breaking into your home through the tiniest weak spots of your roof, windows, and ventilation. Left alone, they can pose significant health risks, and further damage your property.

Animals like rodents, birds, raccoons, and bats are nuisances that you cannot ignore. If you suspect their presence in your attic, here is what you should do.

1. Detecting the intruders – Finding out whether or not you actually have an infestation is easy. Simply grab a flashlight, head up to the attic, and start looking for signs of animals living there. Droppings, damage to furniture, and makeshift nests are fairly common. It’s not unlikely to see the animals themselves, either.

2. Removing them properly – You should never attempt the removal of a wild animal by yourself, as they carry dangerous diseases that they can pass to you with a single scratch or bite. Contact an exterminator once you confirm that you have an infestation. They can safely remove your pests, and most will clean up as well.

3. Fixing the entry points – You now have to find out how the animals managed to get in, and then patch it up. If they managed to enter once, it won’t be long before a new critter takes up residence in your home. Look for holes and damage along your roof, or consider getting a contractor like Liberty Roofing Inc. to handle the inspection and repairs.

4. Making your home less vulnerable – Making your home less appealing to trespassing wildlife is fairly simple. Install animal deterrents, ensure that the attic is always impeccably clean and orderly, and do not leave any food or water lying around to avoid attracting scavengers. Deterring birds is a bit harder, though, as they can be persistent when they choose to nest on your roof.

There’s no good reason to share your home with wild animals. With these tips, your roof and attic will be pest free soon enough.