Asbestos Away: Why You Should Hire an Asbestos Removal Team

AsbestosAsbestos truly becomes a threat within the home when it is subjected to damage, degradation or any other catalyst that allows it to release its fibres. Keep in mind, though, that while removing such materials from your home is within the boundaries of the law, you may end up doing yourself and your loved ones more harm than good, especially if you’re inexperienced and unlicensed to handle removal operations.

What to Do if You Find Asbestos in Your Home

Perth asbestos removal companies suggest asking yourself the following questions before proceeding with any asbestos removal operations:

– What condition is it in?
– What are my options for removing asbestos from my home?
– Am I confident that I can work safely with this hazardous material?

A word of advice: If said materials appear to be undamaged and generally in good condition, don’t bother touching them. But, don’t forget to inspect these materials for damage or deterioration periodically.

Additional Safety Tips

Here are some details you should not miss:

● At all costs, avoid using compressed air, sanding discs, abrasive cutting tools, power tools, high-pressure hoses and other such construction and repair instruments.
● Avoid leaving any asbestos samples or products in places where they can be stepped on or broken.
● Remember that working with asbestos requires a well-ventilated area. Make sure the material is wet during the course of your work to reduce the amount of particles it releases.
● As soon as you can, have any material tested in a NATA-accredited laboratory if you doubt whether it has asbestos or not.

Once again, it cannot be stressed enough that asbestos removal operations must only be carried out by licensed asbestos removal experts. The small amount of money you think you’ll save cannot match the damage asbestos can cause to your health.