Australian Holiday Shopping Trends: What It Means for Your Business

Shopping TrendsBusinesses in Australia are expected to have a bountiful holiday season, as the coming weeks will see shoppers go full force with their Christmas shopping. Shoppers will spend more this year, and the Internet will be a big part of it. Mobile will have more than its fair share of the spotlight this year as consumers will use it more for their sopping, according to a study.

The Growing Mobile Market

The 2014 Adobe Digital Index Holiday Shopping Prediction report expects Australians to spend 15% more online this year, as compared to last year. The predictions are based on analysis of 20 billion visits to e-commerce sites.

The report says Australians will spend around $189 million in holiday shopping this season, and that amount is for shopping done online alone. Around 8% of all online sales in the country are predicted to be done through smartphones. The spike in mobile traffic began 18th November during Click Frenzy, described as the country’s biggest online shopping sale event in history. The increase in traffic is seen to last until late December.

It Starts with a Browse

An important takeaway here is that along with the increase in online shopping is the need for a more effective online marketing strategy. Australians are more inclined to shop this holiday season with established retail companies that started from brick-and-mortar stores then moved to the Web.

This emphasises that branding and advertising both offline and online will be crucial factors in a business’s success both this holiday season and beyond. PPC services in Perth, for example, will become more important as companies will be fighting for attention. Being the fourth most dependent over the holiday period in terms of sales, Australian retailers will have a relatively large consumer group to fight over.

For your business, this means there is a need to focus on reaching online consumers any way you can. One thing to keep in mind is that these mobile shoppers browse extensively before making any purchases. As such, reaching potential customers with targeted ads should definitely be considered.

The holiday season is always a time to be joyful and grateful. And based on the predictions, businesses seem to have something to celebrate about, provided they do things right.