Baby Gift Ideas for the One-Year-Old

baby clothingWhen a baby turns a year old, it’s an event worth celebrating. Whether they’re your nieces, nephews, or the little ones of a close friend, choosing a gift is rather challenging. There are many considerations to take note of because babies are sensitive to almost anything. This is why you need to choose the baby clothing and apparel, toys, and other products carefully.

Here are some ideas you can give as birthday presents:

Clothing Materials

Clothes are the easiest gifts you can give to a baby since they don’t have personal preferences yet. Make sure that these are made of cotton, so the body can breathe and the skin won’t itch. Avoid choosing clothing material with multiple design elements, such as buttons and other accessories because these could be a choking hazard. Choose the most appropriate colour depending on the gender as well.

Bathing Kit

Face and body towels, baby soaps, and shampoos are among the most common gift ideas. These give the parents enough supplies to keep their babies clean and healthy every day. Make sure that the towels are also made of cotton. The shampoos and soaps, on the other hand, should be mild and doesn’t have strong chemicals to avoid damaging the skin.

Picture Frames

Parents will appreciate it if they’ll have something to display the most memorable photos of their children. Picture frames brings them back in time, as they remember the happy moments that happened during the baby’s special day.

Personalised Items

Find a business that offers personalised items to engrave the baby’s name on different materials. These include door signs, keepsake boxes, and name frames. Perform a do-it-yourself activity if you know how to tailor clothing materials.

Room Decorations

In some households, babies already have their own rooms. Add life to the baby’s personal space by giving character-based decorations, creative wall stickers, and carpets and cushions. Bed sheets, pillow covers, and stuffed toys are also ideal birthday gifts.

Many items are suitable for babies as gifts. All you have to check is the health and choking hazards. Visit online shopping websites to find more baby items and products you can give.