Bad Weather at the Farm: Are Your Animals Safe and Comfortable?

animal shedFarm animals are usually hardy beasts, but you still cannot expose them to bad weather for long. Heavy rain and lightning strikes are dangerous to chickens, cows, and horses alike. How prepared are you for the next storm?

Poor weather is something that every farm owner needs to plan for, as both the farm’s profitability and the welfare of the animals depend on it. Here are several guidelines you can follow.

1. Prepare a suitable shelter – At the risk of stating the obvious, your first priority is to always make sure that they have a safe and comfortable place to stay for the duration of the bad weather. A well-built barn or shed would be perfect for this; many Australia builders like construct feed lot shelters and yard covers that can stand up to most kinds of terrible weather.

2. Give them plenty of water and food – Your livestock will use up more energy to maintain their weight and condition in foul weather, especially for prolonged periods. Make sure that they have enough food and water to meet their needs during this time.

3. Keep an eye on your hay – Rainy weather can sometimes lead to mouldy hay, if you don’t take the right precautions. Losing your hay supplies at such a time might make an emergency purchase necessary, which will make your financial losses even worse than they already are.

4. Make them exercise – Staying cooped up for long periods isn’t healthy for farm animals. They get restless, produce less milk or eggs, and can develop troublesome habits. It is best to find ways for them to stay active and exercise, even during seasons with poor weather conditions.

5. Watch out for other dangers – It’s easy to focus too much on the weather and forget that there are many other things that could pose a threat to your livestock. Wild predator attacks, contagious diseases, and even poachers are still potential threats that you need to plan for.

With luck, your animals will make it through the stormy season. Make sure to always keep an eye on their health, however.