Beware of Roof Rip-off Artists!

Beware of roof rip-off artistsYour roof is one of the things that you probably never think about until after particularly bad weather. If you see your neighbour getting the roof repaired, you may wonder if you need it to. The roof repairer may come to inspect your roof and recommend a roof replacement. This could cost you as much as $10,000.

On the other hand, a damaged roof can cause extensive damage to your whole house. What do you do?

New Lamps for Old

You need to know that there are con artists posing as roof repairers roving the streets after a storm, looking for victims. Some even claim that the moss and lichen on your roof is the cause of the damage. They are relying on the fact that many homeowners are willing to believe what a professional will tell them. They will say that your roof needs replacement, when in fact you may not have sustained any serious damage at all.

Moss and lichen is not pleasing to the eye, but it does not do any structural damage to the roof itself. At most, what you may need is a roof restoration, says Perth roof experts, not a replacement.

Call Your Insurance

To be sure that your roof is intact, call your insurance company. They should send in an assessor to inspect it. If your assessor affirms that you need a roof replacement or restoration, then you should call in a reputable roof repair company.

Do not contract with a tradesperson that goes door to door; they may not have the skills to do the job well. They may not even have a license, which means you will not get any protection from the local government in case you run into trouble.

Get Quotes

Whatever type of work needed for your roof, get at least three quotes from roofing companies with a good reputation. Roof replacement or repair can be expensive, so you want to get the best deal you can. Get a formal quote and ask the roofer you choose to show you proof that they are licensed.

The quality of your roofing depends on the skill of the roof contractor. Avoid con artists and always trust the review of other people.