Campaign Path Bumpier Than Expected For Booker

Even the Republicans had expected that Cory Booker’s ride to victory would be smooth and swift. After all, he is a Democrat in a Democrat leaning state and his closest competitor in the special election to replace former Senator Frank Lautenberg, who died in June, is the little known Republican Steve Lonegan.

bookersYet the path is bumpy for Booker

Even so, Booker’s path to a victory in Wednesday’s US Senate elections has been bumpier than expected. There are no two things about the fact that Booker has obtained double digits leads in most polls. However, the recent sustained Republican criticism that the charismatic Newark mayor has been facing could leave him more vulnerable and hamper his progress to a higher office.

Lonegen has also not missed the opportunity to hammer Booker on several Newark related issues like the region’s economic troubles, tax increases and violent crimes. Some other issues from his past that make his campaign path bumpy include his stripper adventures, friendship with a drug dealer and his controversial talks on sexuality.