Cargo Theft Protection: Security Amidst Reality

Man holding a cargoThe Fast and the Furious movie franchise might have some unrealistic scenes. But they depict a very harsh reality in the shipping and cargo business. Cargo theft does happen, as shown in the 6th instalment of the movie. There might not be fast and fancy cars involved in real life, but theft and losses do happen.

Do not be a victim. Here are ways to secure your shipments to secure your business and your image to the public.

  1. Offline methods

In the height of digital security mechanisms, using composite straps, shrink wraps, plastic bindings, corner posts, tie-sheet, and pallets among others, are still one of the most effective and efficient ways to secure and protect your cargo. The use of locks and seals would truly be as helpful. As such, do not forget to plan your shipment route. Avoid passing through places with high crime rates to avoid risking the security of your cargo.

  1. Online methods

Increase your security by utilising both offline and online measures. Online security involves tracking devices, vehicle immobilisation, and security seals among others. Installing surveillance and security tools in your port is also helpful.

  1. Trustworthy and trained employees

Cargo theft happens on the inside. Therefore, it is important to screen your employees thoroughly. There should be proper delivery protocols. This would include having identification cards and logs to monitor the movement, not only of the cargo but the people as well. Train your drivers to be vigilant. An observant and alert employee can prevent unfortunate incidents from happening.

The rise of shipment transport means the rise of theft and damage. Things happening in the movie are entirely fictional, but the security and protection of your business are real and therefore should be a priority. Invest in proper security measures and don’t be a victim of cargo theft.