The Clash: Barbershops vs. Salons

BarbershopsSelf-expression through hair is not exclusive to women. Men in London today are becoming more and more sophisticated and so do their hair. You do not want to have hair that was in style a few decades back. You want something new, modern, and slick.

But then, where should you go? Should you get a haircut at a salon or a barbershop in London?

Some Tips…

A rule of thumb is that barbers cut, while stylists are, well, better at styling, obviously. Here are a few more tips:

1. Hair Length – The hair length that you want styled or cut helps determine whether you need a barber or a stylist. For more traditional and shorter hair like buzz-cuts and military style, you will want to go to a barber. For long and stylised hair, a stylist is your friend.

2. Fuss Level – Having your hair done at a salon often includes a back massage, and hair washing and conditioning. Unless you want all those, you are better off at a barbershop—walk in, they cut, then tip, and done! Many barbershops are upscaling their services these days, however; some now include massages, and hair washing and conditioning as well.

3. Budget – This one is easy. You want affordable? Go get a barber. Go for a stylist if you want the other extras, although as mentioned above, some barbershops now offer services at par with salons, though still centred on men.

4. Style – Another easy one. Haircuts in barbershops are usually straightforward and simple. In salons, however, you can ask the stylist to colour your hair or cut and styled to the latest trends.

Those are four principles that shall help you in picking whether you need a barber or a stylist, though of late some barbers now progress from straight cuts to fancy ones. Still, before anything else, you need to know what you want with your hair first, and what look you are gunning for.