Cleaning Mining Sites

Mining SitesMost people associate mining with the same things: dirt, coal, rubble, or anything along those lines. Mining is literally a dirty business, as there’s no other way to get the minerals they need. So, why are businesses offering cleaning services to mining quarries?

Quarry Cleaning

It’s actually surprising to discover that companies are offering construction and mine site cleaning services. The entire quarry is dirt; would they be cleaning dirt, soaping rocks and sweeping dust? It sounds absurd, but it does start making sense once someone explains what actually goes on.

Renowned cleaning company New Focus Cleaning explained that mining quarries are some of the most chaotic workplaces in the world, with explosions and trucks everywhere. This is why all the different parts of the job need to move in sync with each other. Every driver, miner, and engineer need to know what to do, as well as where and when to do it. Every second counts in this coordination of heavy machinery, as even the slightest hiccup could mean a costly delay.

Quarry Hiccups

One such hiccup could be tripping over a stray rock, which, is likely given the nature of the workplace. Imagine what many panic-stricken miners have to do every day if they snag their feet near some planted explosives. No one would want to be on the ground a few feet from anything that can obliterate rocks in less than a second.

How much more frustrating would it be for the whole operation if a truck had to alter its course if there was debris in its path? A mining operation is a giant machine with everyone doing their job; if one cog stops the entire thing stops too. Mine and quarry cleaning is essentially keeping all the rocks and debris from the operation zone, so that no one needs to have to tip toe around something and lose valuable time.

Mine cleaning now makes more sense. It just goes to show that there’s no replacing efficiency, and the best way to get that is keeping everything clear and clean.