Cremation – A Better Way of Remembering

CremationSome people feel that cremation wouldn’t be enough, or even right, for the dearly departed as there hardly seems any ceremony. With the introduction of crematoriums offering funeral rites as part of their services, many are now finding cremation a better alternative to a traditional burial.

Cremation Funeral Service

Also known as a memorial service, this is basically the same funeral rite made before a burial. The urn, where the ashes of the deceased are sealed, is displayed in place of a coffin. The family has the option of having the same services that are present in burials, such as decorations, flowers and displaying the deceased’s picture or portrait.

There are those who prefer to remember the departed this way and not to have the body displayed in a coffin. Some consider cremation as a good option for remembering those who died in tragic accidents or serious illnesses so visitors won’t see any reminders of pain.

The Final Resting Place

Some families bring home the urn containing their loved one’s ashes. Some choose to scatter the ashes at a specified location or to have the urn interred. Families can choose a plot of land for the urn, or choose to place the urn in a columbarium.

In a columbarium, there are display areas for urns which resemble elegantly set mantelpieces in large marble cubicles. Crematoriums in Brisbane and elsewhere feature columbariums on site for convenience. There is an option to display medals, pictures and flowers beside the urn, the same way anyone would do in front of a tombstone.

These are just some of the merits of choosing cremation services. It is also worth mentioning that the upkeep for the columbarium space is usually more affordable than maintaining a traditional burial plot.

When it’s time to say goodbye to a loved one, it is always an emotional occasion. A cremation service is a good way of giving them the proper respect and farewell.