Dapper & Dashing: The Ways of a True British Gentleman

True British GentlemanVery rarely do you come across true gentlemen who look the part these days.

Chiselled jawlines, pushed back hair, crisp, tailored suits and beards groomed to perfection were the norm for proper gentlemen back in the day. Now, however, these are signs to take note of to make sure they are not metrosexual or old-fashioned—a clear travesty of what the 21st century has become of us.

If there were to be a label for everything and you were to choose from them, why not choose to become a gentleman? A label that comes with the idea of being a masculine and respectable man of high regard that looks exceptionally dapper and dashing.

What exactly are the ways of a true British gentleman, then?

Hygienically Educated

While they say these gentlemen are a dying breed, more women are still looking to find one of their own. Men that hold their grooming and hygiene in high regard are sure to rank high in women’s hearts. Why is that so? Who does not like a man who knows how to take care of himself? We reckon nobody.

Proper hygiene results in a healthy lifestyle—a practice neglected by most and a rarity amongst the sea of men in the modern age that basically have no care for their hygiene whatsoever. Regular visits to your local barber shop in London will give you that hygienic look and appeal.

Stylish and Classy

With the ubiquitous presence of loose clothing and bright-coloured snapbacks with matching sneakers and baggy trousers, the classic look of the picturesque man has long been gone.

With proper grooming comes proper style. The perfect clean cut should fit perfectly well with tailored clothes and clean appearance. Simplicity often beats swag with charisma and charm—a quality that exudes style and class that is just incomparable.

Chivalrous and Stern

While feminism is on the rise, the battle for gender equality is being fought for on both sides of the coin. Men who take charge and know the proper way to treat women and people in general is sure to score gentleman points from women and men everywhere.

Chivalry need not be practised on women alone and the true British gentleman knows this. His principles are intact and beliefs, grounded.

Do you think you have what it takes to drive this breed back to life?