Different Industries Relying on Component Manufacturing

Component ManufacturingComponent manufacturing is a highly complex job that caters to many industries in need of micro components. The growing need for technological advancement drives companies offering Swiss machining services.

Precision machining companies make parts for various industries – anywhere where small, precise parts are required. Here are some industries that use Swiss machining services:


Many electronics companies rely on component manufacturers. This sector has been constantly built by this technology-invested business as it helps them to continue innovating on their products. In Minnesota, Berkness Swiss, a volume manufacturer for precision micro components, makes a commitment to provide clients with their orders at the fastest time possible. For example, industries like watch manufacturers need components only precision invested companies can serve.


Aircrafts need to be as exact as they are designed. Space engineers require highly skilled technicians operating new technologies that will help them maintain the accuracy of their gear parts. For giant consumers like NASA, Boeing Co. are the go-to aerospace manufacturers. For aeronautics companies, specifically airlines, local companies with proven capacities and longevity in the trade suffice.


Defense is one industry that needs perfectly crafted micro components. For example, the construction, design and production of bullets are getting more complex these days with the aerodynamics and ballistic sciences evolving. Even a slight extra curve at the tip of the bullet case can derail a bullet path and affect shooting accuracy.


Another industry in need for components is the medical field. The field is in constant need to update clinical equipment and technology to effectively treat patients. Precision companies sustain the updates in the cosmetic dentistry technology. For example, 3D equipment especially those that print prototypes for say implants or even laser tools need the proper modules to function well.

In general, component manufacturers produce a wide assortment of products sourced from various customer base. As for now, a large growth in the requirement for small, complex parts for small complex parts resulting in the Swiss-type machines gaining broad acceptance in industry.