Does the Marketing Strain on Authors Make Publishing Worth It?

SEO in PerthThe number of authors in Australia alone hardly covers a fourth of the total population of authors around the world. While the mere quantity and diversity in this population constitutes a rich literary community, the current state of the publishing industry can hardly cater to them all.

Publishing as the Beginning

Many aspiring authors trick themselves into believing that their hard labour ends upon the publication of their book. They end up dumbstruck once they realize that neither traditional nor self-publishing accommodates this fantasy. The overwhelming volume of books that debut each year, in addition to sequels and prequels in a series, means each publishing house selects only books which they believe would bring in revenues.

For them to provide further assistance in marketing books, authors first have to prove it worthy of their money and effort. Indie authors, while they control nearly every factor of publishing and selling their work, feels the heat of good marketing just the same.

Making Sure It Sells

It would no longer be surprising for authors to hire the services of SEO in Perth, Sydney, or across Australia. Since royalties from debut books do not amount to much, they use money from their own pockets to acquire services that would strengthen their following both online and offline. This happens in spite of the current trend in the publishing industry where literary agents include the author’s established marketing platform and strategies in a book proposal. And no, that section of the proposal does not take up half a page. It usually comprises several pages.

It Takes Guts

The writing community thrives in creativity, but it thrives more with perseverance. Aspiring authors benefit from bursting their bubble and researching their market even before the publication of their book. A better understanding of how the publishing industry works, regardless if they plan on releasing their book traditionally or independently, does wonders to their careers.

Writing a book, getting a contract, and releasing it in Amazon only marks the beginning of the real challenge authors face. The ones who usually make it to the best-selling list are the ones who know their industry and play its games well. And they do it because they know their books deserve to be published.