Donations For Gorilla Research From Microsoft Billionaire

allen and gatesThe Jane Goodall Institute that is to study and protect gorillas in Africa has received $1 million as donation from Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft. The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has said that conservation of the African wildlife will be major initiative for them.

The Goodall Grant

The Goodall grant will help researchers in the Democratic Republic of Congo to study a subspecies of gorillas that they say might be on the brink of extinction. Foundation science officer, Kathy Richmond said that other areas of research like ocean science will be made a priority in the future.

Allen’s inspiration for the donation comes from his earlier travels to Africa that had left him enchanted with the continent. Through the grant that he has given, the apes will be provided with sanctuaries. The donation will also fund GPS phones and tablets that the rangers would need to record gorilla sightings and illegal mines.