Dress It Your Own Way: Hoodie in Three Ways

hoodieA good hoodie is like a good plain shirt: it is versatile, it is perfect for layering and you can style it many ways. With the right layers, you can dress it to look rather fancy. With the right joggers and sneakers, you can dress it down without losing your cool.

Before you start thinking of the many ways you can wear a hooded jacket, you have to find a high-quality piece first. Go for a heavyweight cotton jersey version, which can be found in UK’s leading chain stores, or one of the more casual and lightweight ones, like Crooks and Castles pullovers and hoodies.

The Weekender

Hoodies are not strictly for an active day at the gym or at a field anymore. You can dress it up nice with a flannel shirt, nice khaki pants and a trendy pair of boots for the perfect attire to your weekend getaway. Tuck your hoodie in, layer it with the shirt and top it with a leather belt that spells the opposite of lazy.

The Weatherman

Hoodies are perfect for wetter days, but you can actually dress it up a bit by not going out in plain joggers. Wear your hoodie with a lightweight coat or a coloured parka for a look that hits the right spot between casual and cool despite the gloom.

The Corporate

Hoodies are also possible for office wear. Wear it over a light button-down with a knitted tie and finish your tasteful layering with a lightweight jacket or coat. For a sleeker look, it helps if your hoodie is not the usual two sizes too big.

More than layering, your choice of bottoms also help steer your hoodie to the look you are going for. Pair it with a tailored pair of jeans for a casual business attire, with corduroy and boots for a nice weekend out, or with coloured chinos for a fun daytrip. Remember, the hoodie is what you make it.