Dressing Smartly for Patients: Nursing Uniforms to Wear

Nurses back then used to wear only white dresses with aprons and a cap. Times have changed, and now, you’ll see nurses in scrubs. This type of clothing mainly consists of a loose top and pants, which many say are easier to wear. There are many designs now available for nursing uniforms. Gone are the days when everyone you see in the hospital wears white. These days, uniforms are available in different colors. Some have print designs, which further differentiate them from the usual scrubs.

In Nevada, it’s impractical to maintain the traditional nurse’s uniform. This is why nurses are usually in scrubs as they perform their daily tasks in the hospital. Knowing which type of uniform you should wear is important, especially if you’re just starting your nursing career.

Clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities have recommended dress codes you must observe. Learn more about the type of clothing you should wear, before you go to a uniform store in Las Vegas. Some hospitals are strict about wearing a variation of the standard uniform while others allow scrubs. There are also institutions that want names embroidered or tagged on the left part of your top. Take note of the instructions, so you’ll know which ones you should order.

More on the Alternative: Today’s Nursing Uniform Designs

Tunic-Style Tops and Trousers. This loose-sleeved clothing is a mainstay in today’s health care environment. They are available in solid colors, which many traditional hospitals stick to. Others, however, go with printed designs. These are more suitable in a children’s hospital or clinics with lightly enforced dress code.

Cotton and Polyester Materials

You need to look for fabrics that are resistant to high temperature. This way, you can clean them up well to follow infection control procedures. Check out nursing uniforms in Las Vegas that are made in cotton for better durability and softness. Although prone to wrinkling, cotton is easier to wash even after multiple times.

Comfort and Ease of Movement

You should be comfortable in wearing your uniform, especially if you are working in a warm environment. They must also fit well to allow free movement at the shoulder, waist, and hips. This way you can bend and reach confidently, without being unsure if your uniform is getting too tight or scrunching up.

Ask for samples of uniforms from the hospital you’ll be working for. This will let you have an idea on what type of uniform you should choose. Check out and compare your sample with other medical uniforms in Las Vegas. This can help you find which set you’ll get to provide patient care efficiently.