Drip Drip Drip: Causes of Leaky Faucets

leaky faucetDripping faucets are a common problem in many households. This plumbing issue is not just annoying, keeping people awake at night, but also causes higher utility bills. The U.S Geological Survey estimates the amount of wasted water caused by leaky faucets: a gallon for 15,140 drips and a liter for 4,000 drips.

Troubleshoot leaky faucet problems as soon as they happen; know the causes of dripping faucets.

Corroded Valve Seat

Experts say that the valve seat functions as a connection between the faucet and the spout in compression mechanism. When water deposits gather, the valve seat becomes prone to corrosion and may cause leaks around the spout. This problem is a serious plumbing issue, that’s why it’s recommended to call plumbing experts. There are plumbing repair companies like perryplumbing.com that replace corroded valve seats and gaskets.

Damaged Parts

There may be damaged parts in the plumbing system that needs replacement or repair. Plumbing professionals explain that a consistent drip indicates that a washer inside the tap should be changed. Furthermore, seals inside the compression faucets are also prone to wearing out as they are constantly great pressure in preventing the flow of water. It’s important to hire a plumbing specialist so that the seals may be changed and properly installed. Experts will also keep the system free from water sediments to ensure that the new seals will not immediately wear out.

Worn out Washer

As the faucet is frequently used, the washer is strained against the valve seat. When there’s too much tension and pressure, the washer wears out and the result is dripping in the area of the spout. Getting help from plumbing experts and changing the worn out washer may be helpful in solving the problem.

It’s important to know the causes of leaky faucets so that homeowners can respond to the problem properly. Don’t ignore those drips to prevent high water bills and enjoy a good night’s sleep.